Refund and Returns Policy

The Casino Marketing Shop – Refunds and Returns


We deliver all campaigns within 30 days. We do not offer refunds or cancellations within that 30 day period.


We always deliver exactly what we are paid for, hence do not offer refunds.

We generally deliver more than what we are paid for, another reason why refunds are invalid with our business model.

Please bear in mind some solutions take awhile to deliver ROI.

SEO for example gets better and delivers more ROI, the more you invest and longer time you SEO your site for regularly. SEO usually takes 3 months before it starts taking some serious affect, and 6-12 months to rank new sites so they get a decent amount of traffic. Sometimes backlinks take months to index in Google as well, which adds natural delays.


If you decide that you want to exchange your current deal for a new one, we are happy to explore that with you. If its possible we will happily swap any credit you have in the bank with us from Product X to Product Y e.g. UK > Canadian targeting.

Need help?

Our company owner is Christian Strutt you can reach him directly on UK +44 7484 866107, Skype christian.strutt or email anytime.